World Cup 2014: Obama’s Football Fail & More Funny And Embarassing WC Stuff!


In this post we present you some funny and embarrassing moments of football history that you might have missed. From emotional players, hungry coaches to celebrities like Obama or Diana Ross, this series of videos will certainly entertain you.

Moreover, the group stage of the current World Cup is in full swing and it is really interesting to see what happened at the past World Cups. Even though the World Cup of 2014 is criticized widely (as shown in our previous post “The Most Beautiful National Anthems That Are Represented At The World Cup 2014“, the atmosphere seems to be positive (at least in the stadiums).


However, more criticism was spurred regarding Fuleco, the Brazilian mascot of the World Cup 2014. Actually, Fuleco was supposed to be dedicated to protect Brazil’s spectacular nature. Moreover, the FIFA already made multimillion profits with this mascot through merchandising items produced in China. Nevertheless, the FIFA refuses to use some of its profits to support Brazil’s spectacular nature or at least the endangered armadillo that Fuleco resembles. [1]

Which of the videos is your favorite? Who do you think will win the World Cup 2014? How do you perceive the FIFA as an organization? Leave a comment below!

1. Joachim Loew (German national coach) is looking for a “snack” during a 2010 World Cup game. Guten Appetit!

Credits: Azpirinola

2. Croatia vs. Yugoslavia – When emotions take over…

Credits: TVComedyChannel

3. Summary of the tactics used by the nations – Priceless introduction for new and experienced football fans!

Credits: blog vivo en italia

4. Really funny football clip showing your favorite player or coach doing unknown stuff!

Credits: Tuân Tuan

5. Perfect American example of how football commentary should not be done…

Credits: larsen161

6. Joe Hart (English keeper) is patiently waiting for the ball to return…

Credits: Sh*t Happens

7. Kick it like Obama!

Credits: Raman Sanghi

8. Luiz Felipe Scolari (Brazilian coach) with a nice ball kicking technique…

Credits: CobraProGamer

9. Where do players go to the restroom during a match? Do not ask Gary Lineker!

Credits: Lee Phelps

10. Diana Ross showing her football skills during the opening ceremony 1994…

Credits: Kanal von ZwoelfMagazin

11. Rivaldo’s amazing acting skills during the 2002 World Cup!

Credits: Dunkmaster3333

12. Jimmy Greaves (English striker) shows in the 1962 World Cup his greatest catch ever…

Credits: digiprez77