Disabled Beauty: Viktoria Modesta – World’s 1st Amputee Pop Star!


The world of pop is known nowadays for its pursuit of artists, who should be perfect in every way. Good voice, good looks and good promotion equals a good business for most music producers.

However, all these perfect products one sees on MTV might lack character and authenticity. Consequently, meet Viktoria Modesta, the world first amputee pop star, who seems to alter the paradigm in Pop music.


Viktoria was born in Latvia with a dislocated hip and leg. She experienced many sufferings until the doctors finally decided to amputate her leg. Nevertheless, she decided to pursue her dream and to become a pop star. The result of this can be seen in the video below.

Be ready to be inspired and take a look at her cool prosthetics. Lady Gaga is surely jealous!

What is your opinion about Viktoria Modesta? Is she a role model? Do you like her work? Leave a comment below!









Make sure you stick around for the amazing spike dance at the end of video!

  • Karen Schmidt

    Wow! I feel like Lady Gaga is going to watch this and then go cut off her arm soon!

  • Elham Radmansh

    This is just awesome! ^_^

  • Jaghool

    I love the aesthetic but don’t like the song at all. I feel so conflicted. (just my opinion)

  • Hele Rudman

    My 4 year old daughter has just had her left foot amputated due to medical reasons. this girl just gave me great hope for my daughter’s future.