This Brilliant Vending Machine Feeds Stray Dogs And Saves The Environment!


The Turkish company Pugedeon has invented a new remarkable vending machine that solves two major problems simultaneously. The vending machine takes empty bottles and exchanges them with food for stray dogs. Consequently, the machine does not only feed stray dogs, but it also helps to save the environment and to maintain a cleaner cityscape.

It is located in Istanbul, the capital of Turkey, which possess an astounding population of 13 million [1]. However, there are at least 150,000 free-roaming dogs, who pursue a hard life without a human companion in the Turkish capital [2].


The Turkish federal government implemented a policy few years ago that requires cities to control these roaming dogs. However, as in other countries, few cities have the necessary resources to effectively control the loose animals [3].

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Istanbul has more than 150,000 stray dogs

Image Credit: Jodi Hilton

This machine helps them out by giving people an opportunity to feed them


When they recycle their bottles, the machine dispenses food for the strays


It also has a water bowl if you don’t want your water anymore




Here’s a video of the machine in action