40 Strange People You Could Never Believe Actually Exist!


If you think you have seen it all, take a look at this post. People you might have heard of in urban legends do actually exist. Here, we provide you the proof with this series of entertaining animations and photos.

The cool granny, who smokes weed and drinks booze? She actually exists! The ambitious guy taking his iMac to the coffee shop? He actually exists! The mighty McDonald’s wizard, who has a Big Mac up his sleeve? Yes, he actually exist!


The list could go on and on, but take look yourself and grab a laugh or two (or maybe forty). However, urban legends do not always originate from an urban setting. Moreover, urban legends did exist before they were known as urban legend. Previously, these legends or tales were referred to as “folklore”.

Have you ever met any of these guys? Which one is your favorite? Have you actually ever met an urban legend? Drop a line in the comment section below! We will appreciate it…

This girl eating her own fist

Via: Kevin

This woman wearing these tights

Via: Thisurge

This dude planking on a McDonald’s sign

Via: Kyles

This person wearing whatever this is

Via: Blackkokaine

This woman who couldn’t fit in her theater seat


This cheetah woman and her kin

Via: Scotumcoat

This person in a cow costume

Via: loldemort

This woman who is also maybe a witch

Via: Peetaah

This woman taking a selfie

Via: Duosion

This woman who tucked her tatas into her pants

Via: Okaythatwasfunny

This woman wearing a cat coat

Via: Katlee

This person walking their computer

Via: caiticornia

This bro who is also maybe a witch

Via: Carrier71

This dude planking on a tiger

Via: Peter

This girl with super big hair

Via: Meme-Meme

This kid eating pizza with chopsticks

Via: Goodbyeforever

This cheese model

Via: Canadumb

This girl blow drying her teeth

Via: Keepingup

This parent carrying a child

Via: Pricklylegs

This woman eating a block of cheese

Via: ratchetmess

This granddaughter

Via: Suicideyear

This kid who brought his Xbox to prom

Via: lyingrock

This girl just doing her homework

Via: otherbully

This person who wore these Crocs for this long

Via: Pianoblack

This guy riding the bus

Via: seesection

This dude getting lunch

Via: thisisnthappiness

This man in this koala mask

Via: Adrian

This woman wearing this Sarah Palin t-shirt

Via: notofficialmerch

This grandma

Via: Notsuffering


Via: Milesjai

This person with these toenails

Via: meme

This kid at the grocery store

Via: meme

This guy who shaved his chest like this

Via: Spiritualboner

This dude

Via: Tyler

This girl wearing a Doritos bag in her hair

Via: Luisstacks

This grandma at the grocery store

Via: Jaidefinichon

This dude at Starbucks

Via: Tyler

This girl who is also a cat

Via: Shorturl

This woman at Burger King


This McDonald’s wizard


And Paula Deen


Bonus: This woman who tried to ride an escalator in a wheelchair


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    • Max Kalinin

      Not after he lands and the broomstick crushes his brohood

    • dj942009

      also it looks like shes wearing scrubs, if shes a nurse, I know nurses that work 15 hrs shifts, I guess my feet would hurt too.

      • ShotgunAndiD

        Those are def not scrubs.

  • Reginald

    You copied this from Buzzfeed.

  • Really great images. Very very funny

  • Really great images. Very very funny

  • Bonus: This woman who tried to ride an escalator in a wheelchair

    have we really fallen so far that this is considered entertainment? I weep for Humanity

  • The was not a computer. It was just a monitor.

    • Peter Santoro

      It’s an iMac all in one computer

      • Oh, a piece of shit.

        • Peter Santoro

          I thought you were just misinformed,but now I know you are just uninformed

          • Apple all in one computers are junk. You’re not misinformed or uninformed. You’re just unintelligent. Apple computers are created and marketed to the trendy, technologically illiterate and the simpleminded people of the world. It appears, I have inadvertently stumbled across one.

          • Peter Santoro

            you apparently don’t know in America we all have the right to buy and use what we find to be of value to enrich our lives. and not cast our views on others. if a PC is to your liking than enjoy it and let the rest of us choose our own path. you should try and smile you will find life more enjoyable, I think you need a refill of your meds

          • You’re an imbecile

          • Peter Santoro

            I can say That I can’t be leave people like you real do live on this earth. In my 60 years I have never felt so much sadness inside someone,you can’t really be this mad at everything. Iam sorry for you and what she you the best

          • You are a very naive person. You also don’t have the capacity to know or to perceive beyond your tiny bubble. 60 years have taught you nothing. Your senses are deceived. You don’t feel sadness from me. I am also not mad. Dogs get mad. I am also not angry, old gullible one. Save your pity for the weak.