Restore Your Faith In Humanity: Two Courageous Guys Save Hopeless Deer Trapped on Frozen Lake


This video truly touched my heart and I thought of sharing it with you, my readers. It is showing a man called James who happened to see a Facebook post about two deer that were stuck on Albert Lea Lake, Minnesota.This was quite shocking to him: the deer were iced over which prevented them from getting their footing to make it to safety. The sad thing was that the deers were stuck there for three days before James saw that post. But thankfully James along with his father were kind and compassionate enough to go there and save them.

This is the amazing acts of kindness that some people perform that truly make a big difference in this world.


Animals are our friends, and they suffer just as we do, so it would be good if we all treated them with love and care, and protect them from dangerous environments, if we really wish to see them free and healthy.

Editor’s note: If this video has touched your heart too, please share this beautiful act of kindness with your friends and family because, truly, humanity needs more of this AND animal rescue missions that include hovercrafts are just amazing.

Credits: GoPro