The 50 Most Perfectly Timed Photos Ever


By Internet standards, a perfectly timed photo occurs when two of the following three conditions are met:

1. Perfect Place
2. Perfect Time
3. Perfect Angle


Sometimes the holy trinity of perfectness is achieved and you get an Internet classic like so many of the photographs below. There are countless galleries of these images floating around. I tried my best to compile the most representative of this concept.

full-moon-olympic-rings-london-bridge-2012Photograph by REUTERS/Luke MacGrego (via Reuters Olympics on Facebook)

lightning-strikes-statue-of-liberty-perfect-timingPhotograph by JAY FINE (via The Big Picture)


Photograph by MARCO QUERAL (via Daily Mail)


Photograph via Former_Manc on Reddit

seagull-takes-ice-cream-perfect-timingPhotograph by Jörn Kessels | Foto Kessels on Facebook

perfect-timings-swimmer-waterPhotograph by ADAM PRETTY (via Photo Blog on NBC News

eye-of-the-drain-sinkPhotograph by Liammm on Reddit

airplane-breaking-the-sound-barrier-perfect-timingPhotograph by Ensign John Gay/U.S. Navy

perfect-timingPhotograph via RedditorJoker on Reddit

3056964568_0962e9649a_oPhotograph by Sindri Skúlason on Flickr


Photograph by Sindri Skúlason on Flickr

lightning-rainbow-perfect-timingPhotograph by Florian Schüppel | Florian Schüppel Photography on Facebook


Photograph by heuristicus on Reddit

underwater-fish-photobomb-animal-photobombsPhotograph by Nick Kelly

obama-wizard-perfect-timingPhotograph by CAROLYN KASTER (via The Atlantic: In Focus)


Photograph by PDP-11 on Reddit

soldier-yawning-perfect-timingPhotograph via Bored Panda

praying-mantis-bikePhotograph by Tustel Ico

statue-cloud-perfect-timingPhotograph via Loco Lol

budweiser-crown-ref-perfect-timingPhotograph via BuzzFeed

keel-walk-hugo-boss-suit-boat-sailing-standing-on-rutterPhotograph by Alex Thomson Racing

the-honeybees-final-stingPhotograph by Kathy Keatley Garvey

spear-fishing-perfect-timingPhotograph by STEPHANE DUCANDAS (via The Telegraph)

airplane-passing-the-mooon-perfect-timingPhotograph by Chris Thomas

belly-slap-perfect-timingPhotograph via nthensome on Reddit

perfect-timing-bike-crashPhotograph by Bored Panda


Photograph via Hypervocal

dolphin-bird-murmuration-perfect-timingPhotograph via hmistry on Reddit

eagle-perfect-timingPhotograph by PAM MULLINS (via The Telegraph)


Photograph by Michael Swaine @


Photograph by Wilma Hurskainen

3449132166_fe6117a161_bPhotograph by Waleed Almotar

statue-juggling-plane-perfect-timingPhotograph via Bored Panda


Photograph via Smug Shots @


Photograph by MARTIN BERNETTI (via


Photograph via CollegeHumor

four-winged-bird-perfect-timingPhotograph by Jens Birch

2012-olympics-perfectly-timed-graphic-overlay-oympic-ring-glassesPhotograph via postnatald on Reddit

saints-football-fart-newspaper-perfect-timingPhotograph via Deeman9 on Reddit

moving-car-with-hand-from-above-perfect-timingPhotograph by Aleksandr Malin

underwater-group-photo-surfing-above-perfect-timingPhotograph by Dustin Humphrey @ Deus Ex Machina

7427707514_f89d88186a_cPhotograph by Tea Kolo on Flickr

moon-crane-perfect-timingPhotograph by BRUNO GERBER (via Huffington Post)


Photograph by Peter Wienerroither

7734495598_c2d9bc5a72_cPhotograph by photoDiod on Flickr

 ladybug-dandelion-perfect-timingPhotograph by Lentilcia on deviantART

squirrel-photobomb-banffPhotograph by Melissa Brandts

the-moon-through-north-window-arches-national-park-utah-united-statesPhotograph by Lynn Sessions |

meta-flamingo-perfect-timingPhotograph by Robert Haas

Photograph by EthosExcelsior on Reddit (Via)

  • Chloe Millham

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