Beautiful Protest Against War – Israeli Tear Gas Grenades Misused By Palestinian Woman To Plant Flowers


In violent times it is always refreshing and encouraging to come across an act of human decency. Something which shows that humans are actually civilized and are able to learn from history.

This Palestinian woman, who symbolically plants flowers in tear gas grenade is a perfect example. Her act of human decency demonstrates that one is able to take something negative and threatening and turn in to something positive and beautiful.


A similar act of human decency was demonstrated by the Israeli Ronny Edry and his “We love Iran” campaign, which aimed at reducing tensions towards an Israel-Iran war.

After all, most of us will agree that war is never something good, unless you are affiliated with the arms industry. The Stockholm International Peace Research Institute concludes that “world military expenditure in 2012 is estimated to have been $1756 billion, representing 2.5 per cent of global gross domestic product (GDP) or $249 for each person in the world.”

That is really an impressive figure but here is another one: The Food and Agricultural Organization of the United Nations (FAO) estimated in 2009 that only 30 billion dollars are needed each year to stop world hunger. You do the math, but the fact is only a small fraction of the world’s annual military spending is needed to end world hunger.

Moreover, political leaders and other societal elites usually do not join the army. Lets face it, we have to fight their resource-wasting wars. “In conclusion, among race, socioeconomic status, and immigration status, socioeconomic status is the only significant predictor of having ever served in the military” (A. Lutz, 2009).

However, one may acknowledge that war has accelerated inventions like the Internet or GPS, but the role of a technological driver can be taken over by space programs nowadays. Furthermore, the International Space Station is already a perfect showcase of how nations can cooperate peacefully for a single goal.

What is your opinion about this protest? Do we actually still need war these days? Or can we find other solutions? Will humans ever grow up and learn from the past? Or will humanity stay power-hungry and ignorant? Leave us a comment below, we are curious about your input!










Photo Credits and Source: DailyMail