Single Mom With 4 Kids Can’t Afford Food. Would You Help? Watch this!


We live in times of global economic recession and some people are affected more than others. According to the Huffington Post, “1 in 3 people in the United States are only one or two paychecks away from homelessness”.

This is surely an intriguing number. Moreover, in Fort Lauderdale (Florida) a legislation was passed which prohibited feeding homeless people. A 90 year old actually was arrested since he rejected this controversial law.


How would you react if you see someone hungry and in need? Would you help or just look the other way?

The TV segment “What would you do” from the American ABC channel aims to answer this question by conducting social experiments with hidden cameras. In this particular case, a single mom at the grocery store can not afford food for her kids.

Watch the eight minute video and be ready to see humans in actions. How would you react if you have seen this woman? Would you try to help? Or should everyone stand on his or her own feet? Leave a comment below!

Paying it forward is such a powerful gift!
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  • Barbara Moynihan

    I have been In this position due to a very bad divorce…..I would not have been able to feed my kids. When I read negative things about people that use food stamps I swear I would like to slap you! Unless you have been In this situation who are you to judge!

    • famunda

      Please lick my cock head

  • Marie Ferguson

    I am a single mother that has 2 kids. I struggle to buy food, and I myself only eat one meal a day sometimes to make sure my kids eat. I have gotten some looks before when people wonder why I have to scrap pennies from the bottom of my wallet. Most of what i buy is to make a meal, not frozen meals. And my kids and I have had to learn how to stretch that meal for 2 to 3 days. It is not easy, but we make it work.

    • Donna Anderson

      Explain to us why you are a single mother.

      • Marie Ferguson

        I am divorced for the last 13 years. And my ex husband does not work, and the child support office is trying to get child support, but since he don’t work, and he don’t own anything, I don’t get anything. And before you ask, no I do not get any state help, nor do I qualify. And that is a long explantion why, but mostly due to the fact that I do have a job. It is just the state says the job is enough, but my bills and my income beg to differ.

      • Karen Schmidt

        I’m sorry, but why does she have to explain to us why she is a single mother?

      • Miriam

        Donna, unless you have gone thru this situation you would not sound judgmental…I was in Marie’s place 20 yrs ago, w/2kids and 2 jobs, and not getting child support. I was on food stamps. My ex had an affair in Korea while in the service, came home brought and brought the Korean woman over, divorced me and abandoned the kids. While at the grocery store I was buying food w/the stamps and I didn’t know how it worked, this before cards. I ripped out the stamps and handed the cashier them, and she humiliated me when the situation of being on Welfare was hard enogh, by yelling at me and saying YOU DONT RIP THEM OUT, I DO! At which point my kids got scared and everyone behind me was watching. I tried my best to explain but because I had food stamps I was treated terribly. NOT MY FAULT I was doing the best I could. I went to the store manager in tears and told him, and he took care of the cashier and removed her, to HER embarrassment THIS time. I remember rolling pennies with my kids just to buy milk and bread. MARIE YOU DO NOT HAVE TO EXPLAIN A DAMN THING!

        • qqq

          Nice story!

      • Iron Jaw

        I’ll explain the concept to you, but first you explain to us why the fuck it is any of your business?

  • Jaghool

    I’ve done this. The lady a couple of people in front of me didn’t have enough on her food stamp card. I paid the balance with my food stamp card. If we all did this we would live in a better world. God Bless us all!

  • Karen Schmidt

    I would help anybody if I could some gentle man and his wife give me tires and rims yesterday I I had given him 3 hundred dollars and he said that I need the money more than him I couldn’t thank him enough and yes I cried when I got down the road lois

  • Lionel Sinatra

    Last summer i was grocery store and i pick up some hamburger meat and there an old lady checking the price she couldn’t afford it so i pick up three extra hamburger meat went to the cashier and paid and brought it to the old lady gave the receipt and she gave a hug that was my best day ever.

  • Cedric Berman

    As an ex-american, I fled to never return, because of government imposed poverty. I am shocked, and baffled about what the USA did to their people. It is now happening in Europe too : governments make plans to weaken and impoverish citizens to the extreme so they cannot own anything anymore, thus making them slaves to the system, ready to do anything to get food. It is disgusting, I am so shocked. Would I help someone ? of course ! But we need to help each other getting rid of any political influence in the future. Politics is like religions : a system of lies designed to enslave people, while making them believe they are still free to choose. Our governments are murderers, and we need to put them in jail, all of them !!! This is how bad it is, what I read here just proves it a bit more. We, the poor, are responsible for being poor. We let them do ! We vote for them and gives them tax money to allow them to get stronger and dominate us. Stop this ! Stop this !! Stop this !!!