Having lunch with the dead – The restaurant of death


Restaurant-Of-Death-01(Image Credit: Daily Mail)

What seems like a title of a new horror blockbuster is actually reality in India. A restaurant owner named Krishnan Kutti decided to build a restaurant on top of a old graveyard.


However, this might not sound that extraordinary in first place, but the owner decided to keep the coffins and included them into the restaurant as furniture or decoration. Additionally, the owner named the restaurant “New Lucky Restaurant”, which can be seen in the picture above.

Restaurant-Of-Death 02(Image Credit: Daily Mail)

You might think that the customers are irritated by the coffins, but that is actually the opposite. As the owner states: “The graveyard brings good luck. Our business has been flourishing because of these graves. It gives people a unique experience”. Moreover, this place emerged to a frequent hang out place in the town of Ahmadabad, where young and old meet.

Restaurant-Of-Death 03
(Image Credit: Daily Mail)

According to the owner, it is not known to who the coffins belong. However, some locals share the opinion that the remains of a Sufi Saint from the 16th century are in a coffin. The tomb of the saint is located nearby the restaurant.

Restaurant-Of-Death 04
(Image Credit: Daily Mail)
What seems macabre for some people is ordinary in Ahmadabad. The customer are not concerned at all with the coffins, they just enjoy their teas and their butter rolls. Nevertheless, Kutti respects the coffins and those who are resting in them. The coffins, which are surrounded by metal bars, are cleaned each and every day. Furthermore, Kutti assures that the coffins are decorated with fresh flowers daily. What is your opinion about this? Do you think the dead should “rest in peace” or should we see this topic in a more Indian way?
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(Image Credit: Daily Mail)