The revenge of the cyclist – Cops be alerted! (Video)


Riding a bike in metropolitan areas can be very adventurous. From reckless drivers, blocked bike lanes to ignorant police officer, all these threats have to be overcome by a cyclist. What might sound like a good video game concept is reality in some cities.

Casey Neistat, who was fed up with this situation, decided to make a video (shown below) after he was ticketed by an officer for not riding in a bike lane. It was uploaded to YouTube and has received already over 12 million clicks.


Casey shows in the video that the bike lane is blocked in most cases  and crashes consequently into objects since he is not allowed to leave the bike lane according to the office, who ticketed him previously.

Even though the message from Casey is not 100% clear, he certainly proved a point. However, in times of scarcity of fossil fuels, environmentally friendly alternatives like bicycles should be promoted by our governments.

What is your opinion about riding bikes, especially in metropolitan areas? Do we need more biker friendly cities? Or should the funds be used differently? Leave a comment in the box below!


Video by: CaseyNeistat