Companies Using Monsanto’s Genetically Modified Organisms, A Printable Listing. Yummy Or Not?


Monsanto is undoubtedly the best known biotechnology company in the world. It has sparked criticism around the globe due to its involvement in agriculture. Monsanto is not only criticized for its extensive engagement into genetic engineering and altering of seeds, but also its business model, which seeks to recoup the expenses through the use and enforcement of biological patents.[1]

The health effects of Genetically Modified Organisms are highly debates within the scientific community. Nevertheless, numerous scientific studies have identified negative health risks related to GMOs.[2]


Furthermore, Monsanto’s worldwide lobbying and the incorporation of top politicians into its organizational structure is perceived negatively. The feeling of being powerless and bypassed arises within consumers.

A perfect example is the Farmer Assurance Provision signed March 2013 by President Obama, which known also as the “Monsanto Protection Act”, which “effectively bars federal courts from being able to halt the sale or planting of controversial genetically modified (aka GMO) or genetically engineered (GE) seeds, no matter what health issues may arise concerning GMOs in the future”. [3]

Consequently, we would like to present this listing below, which is useful to identify companies using GMOs in their products. What is your opinion about GMOs and Monsanto? Are there any companies missing in the listing? Feel free to comment below!


If you are also critical towards GMOs and Monsanto please share this listing with friends and family, so we the consumers know, where GMOs are used since our governments can or do not want to implement a proper labeling system!