My Last Wish: A Kiss From A Giraffe


Time to say “Goodbye”. These touching pictures were taken in a Dutch Zoo, where Mario (no last name stated) spent his whole working life taking care of giraffes.

Sadly, it was discovered that Mario has cancer in a final stage. Therefore, the Dutch “Ambulance Wish Foundation”, enabled Mario’s last wish and took him from the hospital to the zoo, so that he would be able to see his beloved animals for the last time.


The Foundation possess ambulance vehicles with large windows, which are used to transport the terminally ill patients to their desired destination, in order to be able to leave this world with a last smile. Kess Veldboer (the founder of the foundation) stated that the giraffes recognized Mario, even though he was still lying in his bed. Additionally, one giraffe even came to this bed and leaned over to lick his face. It looks like a last goodbye kiss and shows  what kind of a bond Mario was sharing with these animals.

These touching pictures can be seen in the link below. They traveled around the world showing the importance of these “last wish” of foundations. After all, Mario’s dream came true and he will be able to leave this world with a positive memory.

Credits: Optrex