30 Bad Decisions That Are Punished Instantly! Caution: You May Wet Your Pants!


Life is a priceless gift that sometimes can be full of backlashes. Especially, if you insist too hard on provoking something, life might backfire on you in an eternal moment that will remind you that we are just imperfect beings.

This series of GIFs and pictures captured some of those great moments. Be sure to be alone and be ready to change your pants because some of those animations and photos are hilariously funny.


From ignorant craftsmen, innocent animals to plain stupid humans, this series will show that life can be harsh sometimes and that being overconfident does not help at all in some situations.

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Which is your favorite? Did you have to change your pants? Leave a comment below!

1. These football fans who really shouldn’t have celebrated this hard.

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2. This child learning an important moral lesson.

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3. These guys who had problems with physics.

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4. This cowboy picking a fight with the wrong deer.

Image Source: imgur

5. This girl who should never have opened the bottle.

Image Source: imgur

6. This guy whose failure was pretty inevitable really.

Image Source: imgur

7. This guy who really shouldn’t have tried to be a badass.

Image Source: Blogger

8. This cyclist who really, really shouldn’t have tried to cheat.

Image Source: imgur

9. This burning issue.

Image Source: imgur

10. This woman who should not be allowed near fruit.

Image Source: imgur

11. When Aaron Paul took fan service too far.

Image Source: imgur

12. This man who just planned really poorly.

Image Source: pr0gramm

13. This aspiring weight lifter.

Image Source: imgur

14. This worker who actually didn’t want a shower.

Image Source: imgur

15. This guy who completely forgot that you don’t mess with alligators.

Image Source: imgur

16. This dog who shouldn’t have tried to make friends.

Image Source: imgur

17. This guy who did not like his seat choice.

Image Source: imgur

18. This elephant who completely screwed up by getting in the water.

Image Source: imgur

19. When this guy forgot that soldiers actually have a job that they are good at.

Image Source: imgur

20. This guy whose amazing drink-mixing plan has not come off.

Image Source: imgur

21. These players who made an ambitious attempt at a trick play.

Image Source: imgur

22. This cat who really didn’t think it through.

Image Source: imgur

23. This leaping ant trying to become the star of a proverb.

Image Source: imgur

24. This cat who made a massive mistake.

Image Source: imgur

25. This person who really should not have been in such a hurry.

Image Source: imgur

26. This young gorilla who messed with the wrong person.

Image Source: gfycat

27. This dog who should have thought better than trying this hard to catch the Frisbee.

Image Source: mediawtf

28. This guy who proved you shouldn’t interrupt live news.

Image Source: imgur

29. This girl who should not have jumped.

Image Source: imgur

30. his golfer who just shouldn’t have gotten involved.

Image Source: strangecosmos

BONUS: This cat who decided to sniff a sock.

Image Source: imgur [H/T]

    • Kanna-Chan

      Nope, I just looked up the video and that’s a Jumping Jack ant. It jumped on the spider and gave it a venomous sting to paralyze it so the rest of the ants can attack. So it’s more like RIP spider.

  • Kanna-Chan

    #9 Charmeleon! Use Flamethrower!

  • Kanna-Chan

    #23 What the hell was that ant trying to accomplish? Was it trying to commit suicide?