The Hypocrisy Of Our Society: F*ck The Poor? – A Brilliant Social Experiment And Its Shocking Results!


The typical sight of homeless people is very common especially in metropolitan areas. We are accustomed to see people living on the streets and most of us simply accept this situation since we are all trapped in our own spheres of life.

Consequently, it is really refreshing when someone is able to give us a reality check by reflecting our behavior. Watch this brilliant social experiment and feel enlightened within a minute. The video was made by the Pillion Trust, an UK based charity organization.


However, you might want reconsider your attitude towards homeless people since poverty has been rising lately and maybe one day it is you living on the streets (hopefully not). The economic downturn has hit especially the United States, due to the undeveloped social state. Currently, they are 46 million Americans living in poverty. That means that 1 in 6 Americans live in poverty. In contrast, in the EU, nearly 1 in 7 people are at risk of poverty.  However, one has to take the diversity of the EU into account since countries like Germany and Bulgaria are represented in the statistics. [1] [2]

Credits: The Pilion Trust Charity