Two Little Kittens And A Huge Gorilla


Have you ever wondered if animals also adopt children? Well, in this case a female gorilla, who has not given birth herself, decided to share some maternal love with two kittens.

See how the massive gorilla lady named “Koko” cuddles and plays with these cute kittens. Amazingly, she knows how strong she is and it is very touching to see how gently and cautious she touches the little cats. She treats them like her own babies and tries to feed them with a slice of cake (even though it is only a toy). At the end Koko even tries to take one of the kitten into her cage.


Koko is part of the Gorilla Foundation and is looked after by Dr. Penny Patterson. Michael (another Gorilla from the Foundation) and Koko are known as the first western lowland gorillas, who learned to use the ASL (American Sign Language).

Enjoy the video!

Credits: kokoflix