The Annoying Grammar Police Is Coming For You! 20 Most Funny Examples!


This picture series is all about committed people, who dedicate their life to teach their fellow humans the correct usage of grammar. After all, these self-proclaimed “linguists” know it all better, right? Well, be ready to be amazed by these hilariously funny examples showing grammar police in action.

Nobody can hide! The grammar police is omnipresent and has an eye on you. Be sure to check “you’re” grammar, otherwise “your” next. However, the word grammar is derived from Greek word “art of letters” [1].


It is definitely an art, to choose the right words, but the spelling is another story. Some people even suffer from Dyslexia, which is characterized by difficulty with learning to read fluently and with accurate comprehension, despite normal or above-average intelligence.

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Which example is your favorite? Have you ever encountered the grammar police? Leave a comment below!

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    • zoo192

      I’m thinking most may not have a learning disability, they are learning just fine. It is what is being taught through social media and a lack of care for the English language that is teaching these bad habits. After all learning is just a habit.

  • Bazza

    The grammar police are coming for you, are omnipresent and have an eye on you. Please tell me you’re being ironic ! 😛