These 25 Cool Dads Should Definitely Be Awarded


Moms are known for being  loving and competent educators, who are able to deal with a multitude of issues (at least most Moms). Dads usually only play the second fiddle to Moms, complementing them in their struggle to raise well-behaved and socialized kids.

However, the role of the father is not less important. According to the US NGO National Fatherhood Initiative  “there is a ‘father factor’ in nearly all of the social issues facing America today”. Moreover, through a statistical analysis with data from U.S. Census Bureau, they conclude that “children with involved fathers do better across every measure of child well-being than their peers in father-absent homes”.


So all you Dads out there, step up your game! This photo series is dedicated to awesome Dads, who definitely can match the parenting skills of Moms, and in some cases they even exceed them. Take a look and judge yourself!

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Which photo is your favorite? Can other parents or especially Dads learn from these examples? Leave a comment below!

1. She Wanted To Be The Wolf

Image Source: Meltybuzz

2. Setting A Good Example

Image Source: Unknown

3. Having Tea-parties With Your Daughter

Image Source: Imgur

4. Letting His Daughter Do His Nails While Playing A Video Game

Image Source: Imgur

5. After A Long Day Of Work, This Dad Still Knows What His Real Job Is

Image Source: Imgur

6. A Table Is A Table

Image Source: Imgur

7. Teaching Your Daughter How To Surf

Image Source: Surfline

8. My Daughter Likes Me To Wear Hair-Bows With Her

Image Source: Reddit

9. Keeping The Baby Still During A Photoshoot (Level Over 9000)

Image Source: Imgur

10. When You Leave Dad Alone With The Baby

Image Source: Imgur

11. Letting Your Daughter Do Your Make-up

Image Source: Andiheld

12. Like Daughter, Like Father

Image Source: Pinterest

13. Who Needs Weights When You Have Three Kids

Image Source: Imgur

14. Teaching Her A Lesson

Image Source: Imgur

15. Napping Dad = Playmat Dad

Image Source: thewinthropchronicles

16. Kids Don’t Even Know The Controllers Are Unplugged

Image Source: Unknown

17. She Wanted To Push The Cart Once

Image Source: Unknown

18. Using Vacuum To Do Daughter’s Hair

Image Source: Lina D

19. Mom Said The Kids Have To Stay In Bed

Image Source: Unknown

20. Dads Are The Comfiest Chairs Ever

Image Source: Unknown

21. Letting His Daughter Practice

Image Source: Imgur

22. Daddy The Nail Artist

Image Source: Unknown

23. She Wanted A Swing So Became One

Image Source: Unknown

24. Letting Your Child Be A Guitar Capo

Image Source: Imgur

25. It’s OK As long As You Let Me Sleep!

Image Source: Imgur [H/T]

  • Karen Schmidt

    #14 If we had more men like this in the world it would be a safer place for our daughters, xxx

  • Elham Radmansh

    that surfer dad in #7 (sigh) …

  • Lionel Sinatra

    These pics definitely made my day. Thanks for sharing

  • Jaghool

    #5. I salute you legend 🙂