10 Cool Cats That Hate Weddings Just As Much As You Do!


Cats and weddings are not a common constellation, but one may wonder why this is the case? Well, it seems that our furry companions just do not like weddings, as the presented pictures prove.

Even though, a wedding usually offers a tasty buffet with shrimps, fish, chicken and other good stuff (which every cat loves), food seems not to be a good incentive for cats to act properly during a wedding.


Furthermore, the problem might be rooted deeper as expected. Maybe cats try to sabotage weddings on purpose in order to demonstrate against a human tradition. It seems that cats reject the concept of monogamy and therefore they try their best to make their voice heard during weddings.

After all, cats are polygamous and they aim to represent their style of life. So next time be sure to careful of cats trying to sabotage a wedding!

However, cats can be very naughty beings as shown in the post “World’s Naughtiest Cats: 25 Photos That Will Brighten Your Day“. Their calm attitude is depicted in the post “30 Cats Who Have Mastered The Art Of Sleep-Fu“.

Did a cat also protest at your wedding? Do you agree with cats that monogamy is wrong? Leave a comment below!

I’m just one kiss away from losing my sh*t!

Image Source: Luciana Justice

I swear to God, if anyone makes a Seinfeld puffy shirt joke, I’m done.

Image Source: enuedu

This party is ass, you guys.

Image Source: Pass_the_lolly

The bow tie world NOT have been my first choice.

Image Source: KCTheKing

I … I just hate my life!

Image Source: HeyheyitsCAB

Paws off, big guy. The lady is mine.

Image Source: Ban-Teng

A little feline side eye to tell you how I really feel.

Image Source: ribbers

Let the record show that I did not agree to this.

Image Source: Vintagequeen

My Cat Nap > Your wedding B.S.

Image Source: dread_weasley


Image Source: Hertzkasper

I’ve nothing left to lose!