The Most Beautiful Anthems That Are Represented At The World Cup 2014


Many football (or soccer) fans have patiently waited another four years to enjoy the best what international football has to offer. The FIFA World Cup 2014 in Brazil has finally started and the fans are already enchanted.

However, there has been also a lot criticism about this World Cup. The Brazilian public engaged widely in protests against the World Cup, since people are unhappy with the amount of public money spent to enable the hosting of the FIFA World Cup [1]. Moreover, the aggressive attitude of the Brazilian Police towards people living in the “Favelas” [2] and the FIFA corruption scandals regarding the World Cup 2022 in Qatar [3] provide fans with incentives to criticize the organization of their beloved World Cup.


Nevertheless, despite the negative headings let us turn to something positive. In this post we would like to present you the most beautiful national anthems according to David Mellor, a well-known British politician, businessman, journalist, football enthusiast and radio presenter at Classic FM. David has therefore the right expertise in providing you with a brief introduction and an evaluation of the best national anthems in the SoundCloud links presented below.

The best…

Himno Nacional – Uruguay 

They may be a dark horse contender for the title this year, but for David the tune that Luis Suárez will be belting out is a clear winner.

Gosudarstvenny Gimn Rossiyskoy Federatsii – Russia

OK Russia, you’ve given us some great symphonies. Trumpets and drums ready – hit us with yours…

Deutschlandlied – Germany

A glorious hymn, made famous by Michael Schumacher in the 1990s. If Haydn can pen your national song, it’s as reliable as a German set-piece just outside the penalty box, but does catch David’s ear?


Bit of an upset here for some – for David, the Swiss make it out of the group stages and a playing with the big boys

(a selection of) The rest…

Hino Nacional Brasileiro – Brazil

The beautiful game is a way of life in the host country. But (much more importantly) what about beautiful melody and harmony? Click below to hear the anthem and David Mellor’s verdict…

Kimigayo – Japan

Languid, contemplative and somewhat like an epic film score – how does David rate to Land of the Rising Sun’s ditty? Click below to find out…

Aegukga – South Korea

Not one really composed for the singers. Listen to the first phrase – and if you find a place to breath, let us know. We’re dying here, but it’s David’s verdict that counts…

La Marseillaise – France

A classic tune – with all the force of a Zinadine Zidane head-butt. But how does David rate it?

The Star-Spangled Banner – USA

All stand. Hands on hearts. Cue the tears. We’re heading state-side, but is David?

Brabançonne – Belgium

The home of European bureaucracy must have a top-notch tune to match, mustn’t it?

God Save the Queen – England

Ah, England. What a pity that this anthem rate-fest is the only football competition we stand an outside chance of winning.

Sorude Melliye Jomhuriye Eslâmiye Irân – Iran

Another proud footballing nation. Currently ranked 43 in the world on the pitch – but we want to know about the tune…

The FIFA Anthem

It’s the football organisation that wields all the power of a global superpower. No politics here however, we only care about its music…

Which of these anthems is your favorite? Is your nation also participating in the World Cup? Is there an anthem missing? Leave a comment below!