Full-Figured Lady Shocks Judges At Talent Show – Still Waters Run Deep!


Talent can be found everywhere, though in some cases it might not be really apparent at first sight. Emma Haslam proofs this point with her remarkable performance at Britain’s Got Talent.

Be ready to be awe, when this full-figured lady shows her moves and thrills the crowd. She aims to “promote pole-fitness for women not in usual sizes”.


Emma shows in her dance routine how flexible and energetic, a full-figured woman can be. She is surely a brilliant ambassador and was eventually able to promote her cause with style.

Take a look at this popular video, which was already viewed around 23 million times.

What is your opinion about Emma Haslam? Was she right to perform her skills on national TV? Has pole-dancing arrived in the mainstream? Leave a comment below…

Video Source: YouTube

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