15 Year Old Boy Invents Brilliant Device To Help His Sick Grandfather


His grandfather is diagnosed with the Alzheimer’s disease and he kept wandering off at night. Kenneth Shinozuka, a compassionate grandson, who “wants to help people” and who “wants to solve problems”, came up with this brilliant idea for a device.

Watch the video and see how everyone can actually make a change, if we really devote ourselves to a certain cause. Even a high school kid can come up with great invention. However, we have to admit that Kenneth is a real committed and clever high school kid.


After all, people in your surroundings need you and be sure to offer your help because someday it will be you who needs help. Especially, Alzheimer patients are helpless due to their loss of neurons and synapses in the cerebral cortex and certain subcortical regions [1].

The symptoms are diverse and are really defacing: memory loss, speaking problems, disorientation, mood swing, motivation loss, etc.

So what is your opinion about the Kenneth’s invention? Should young people be more proactive like Kenneth? Leave a comment below!

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