5 stories about disabled pets that will melt your heart!


Disability is not only bound to humans, but also affects other living creatures. Our beloved pets for example might end up in physically challenged state through an accident or a birth defect.

In this post we would like you to show five examples of brave furry companions, who accepted their faith and fight every day in order to live a normal life.


1. Faith

“Faith” was found when she was only 3 weeks young. Reportedly, mother dogs actually kill their offspring, when they realize they are not healthy enough or cannot survive. However, Faith’s mother showed her disabled puppy to her family, hoping her family could do something to help Faith. This is the outcome, watch and enjoy!

Source: James A. Smith 
2. Anakin

Named after the father of Luke Skywalker (who himself experienced a bad accident and is known to wear his famous black life support suite), this little feline shows them all. Anakin was born without a pelvis and back legs. But this does not stop him from enjoying life and overcoming his physical disability. Watch and experience yourself how Anakin tackles life with only 2 legs.

Source: Anakin The Two Legged Cat
3. Hero

This story is also very astonishing and touching. Hero is a cat, who tried to “steal” a fish from an Indonesian restaurant. However, the owner caught Hero in the act and decided to punish him. The owner of the restaurant took the cat and cut off both of the front legs. Afterwards, the amputated cat was just left in the street. Really sad, take a look how Hero fights against all odds!

Source: simuksumar
4. Petal

Meet “Petal” an adorable little kitty, who is full of life and love. Unfortunately, Petal was born without bones in her front legs. She “suffers from a rare condition which meant when she was born her ulna and radius bones, which connect the upper half of her front legs to her paws, were missing”.

Source: SWNS TV
5. Katy

“Katy” is a Jack Russel with major balance problems. But admittedly, Katy can be regarded as a very happy dog in living in a nice home. Even though Katy needs a lift to get upstairs, she enjoys life to the fullest. But see for yourself!

Source: Channel 4