25 Faces that you probably missed!


Did you ever pay attention to the daily objects around you? I bet this collection will make you smile! ūüėČ

1. Happy lighters

Happy-lightersVia: imgur


2. Cute Pots

cute-potsVia: knowyourmeme

3. Happiest Airplane Ever?

Happiest-Airplane-EverVia: imgur

4. Drunk Octopus wants to fight !

Drunk-OctopusVia: artandesignews.com

5. Devil Mop!

Devil-MopVia: imgur

6. Confused Alarm Clock

Surprised-Alarm-ClockVia: the-nicest-pictures.blogspot.com

7. Skeleton Rose

Skeleton-RoseVia: sadanduseless

8. OMG Car Bumper

OMG-Car-BumperVia: imgur

9. Tongue out

Tongue-OutVia: imgur

10. Chicky Church

Chicky-ChurchVia: imgur

11. Smiling Headlights

Smiling-HeadlightsVia: imgur

12. Grouchy Train

Grouchy-TrainVia: imgur

13. The Car Couldn’t Simply Believe it!

The-Car-Couldnt-Simply-Believe-ItVia: imgur

 14. Dude House

Dude-HouseVia: mandragor.de

15. Boring Boxes

Boring-BoxesVia: Barbara Dunkelman

16. Smiling Chair

Smiling-ChairVia: dei-hedgehog

17. Happy Cheese-Grator

Happy-Cheese-GratorVia: PDGalvin

18. Bear-looking Wall

Bear-Looking-WallVia: inimini

19. Fishy Zipper Jacket

Fishy-Zipper-JacketVia: raumoberbayern

20. Surprised Wall

Surprised-WallVia: eworm

21. Sad Torso

Sad-TorsoVia: imgur

22. Smiling Frog-looking Scooter

Smiling-Frog-looking-ScooterVia: imgur

23. Boring Faucet

Boring-FaucetVia: adme.ru

 24. Smiling Ceiling

Smiling-CeilingVia: imgur

25. Boozy Washing Machine!

Boozy-Washing-MachineVia: bart