20 Powerful Moments of Peace During Protests


In this post you will see images that will show you that no matter what the circumstances we live in (indeed, even in the midst of violence and political conflict), we can still be kind and compassionate.

No matter what your perspective on a given political issue may be, it’s always unfortunate to see group of people who have to react to protests and riots so as to get their voices heard. The world media is now focused on the riots taking place in the country of Ukraine, where rioters are struggling against the riot police and as an extension to government so as to help nation’s future be brighter and closer to the European Union or to Russia (Editor’s note: Although we are well informed that this is an over-simplification of what is taking place on the political stage of Ukraine, still the nuances of the riots there are beyond the scope of this article. It is our firm belief that no protest is ever that simple). Yet, let us remember the world-wide riots, such as those in the Arab Spring throughout the Middle East and Turkey. Indeed, the growing political unrest of the last decade is beyond any shadow of doubt.


In all of such situations, a big group of people went going on the road to protest for their rights, regardless of whether that protest is violent or not. But despite the violence, people still wish to help one another and do act compassionately. Surprisingly, some of those protesters even found a way to reach across the riot shield wall and just offer their helping hand to another human being, whether a protester or a riot police officer. It’s so nice that even in such harsh situations, people can behave in such a humane and civilized way.

No matter our superficial differences, we are all deep down the same, human beings. I believe that images below will restore all your faith in the world and ignite the flame of hope within you for a better future of all mankind.

Christians protect Muslims as they pray during the revolution in Cairo, Egypt, 2011

Peace-Protest-02Image credits: Nevine Zaki

Kissing couple during the riots in Vancouver, Canada, 2011

Peace-Protest-03Image credits: Richard Lam

Man playing piano for riot police in Kiev, Ukraine, 2013

Peace-Protest-01Image credits: Andrew Meakovski

An anti-government protester offers a rose to a soldier  in Bangkok, Thailand, 2013

Peace-Protest-04Image credits: voafanti.com

A young boy offers a heart-shaped balloon to police in Bucharest, Romania, 2012


Peace-Protest-06Image credits: ioanamoldovan.com

Riot police help a woman affected by tear gas in Ankara, Turkey, 2013

Peace-Protest-07Image credits: Umit Bektas

An Iranian police officer is protected by civilians after being beaten by rioters  in Tehran, Iran, 2009

Peace-Protest-20Image Credits: cryptome.org

Demonstrators lined up with mirrors to show law enforcement personnel their reflections in  Kiev, Ukraine, 2013

Peace-Protest-08Image credits: Kostyantyn Chernichkin

Turkish protesters help a dog who was teargassed during a clash with police in Istanbul, Turkey, 2013

Peace-Protest-09Image credits: huffingtonpost.com

Orthodox priest trying to prevent a clash between demonstrators and the police in Kiev, Ukraine, 2014

Peace-Protest-10Image credits: Sergei Supinsky

A Turkish couple moments after being doused by water cannons in Istanbul, Turkey, 2013

Peace-Protest-21Image Credits: imgur.com

Protesters dressed as clowns entertain guards at a G20 meeting in Toronto, Canada, 2010

Peace-Protest-11Image credits: xkalmedia.com

Protesters throw flowers at a protest in Istanbul, Turkey, 2013

Peace-Protest-12Image credits: Marko Djurica

Riot police and protesters cry together in Sofia, Bulgaria, 2013

Peace-Protest-13Image credits: Torod Musev

A young boy in KKK robes sees his reflection in a riot shield held by a Georgia state trooper in Georgia, USA, 1992

Peace-Protest-14Image credits: Todd Robertson

Woman defends a wounded protester from a military bulldozer  in Egypt, 2013

Peace-Protest-15Image credits: abc.net.au

A student protesting education reform leans in to kiss a riot officer in Bogotá, Colombia, 2011

Peace-Protest-16Image credits: nbcnews.com

Egyptian woman kisses a policeman during the revolution against the Mubarak Government in Egypt, 2011

Peace-Protest-17Image credits: Lefteris Pitarakis

A student protesting education reform hugs a policeman in Bogotá, Colombia, 2011

Peace-Protest-18Image credits: William Fernando Martinez

Egyptians embrace army soldiers after they refuse orders to fire on civilians in Cairo, Egypt, 2011

Peace-Protest-19Image credits: Yannis Behrakis

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