About Us

Seenox is a leading internet media company, whose mission is to entertain and inform people in the age of social media. Our goal is to publish content from various subjects in order to find a well-balanced composition of information. Furthermore, our diverse expertise and knowledge at Seenox, helps us to provide interesting and multifaceted stories. We are philanthropic since we believe in the good of humanity and the ability of humans to change world. Consequently, we would like to contribute to this mission by publishing stories that help keeping our community informed. We aim to deepen and widen perspectives by providing neutral and well-researched information. Additionally, we want to keep our readers updated on trending internet phenomena, and provide them content that is informative and mind-expanding. Each article aims to balance between information and entertainment in order to address a broad target audience.

Seenox is growing steadily, expanding its audience since it was launched in 2013. Our optimization algorithm allows us to share each post with a narrow target audience. Seenox cooperates with professionals from various Tech giants in order to develop state-of-the-art distribution possibilities in the age of social media. Moreover, the gathered expertise at Seenox is consulted regularly by other internet ventures.

Sina Anvari
Founder and CEO

Sina has been engaged in numerous internet projects and ventures prior to Seenox. Previous to Seenox, Sina founded and managed an online community for Persian music. He has extreme passion, expertise, and dedication for computer programming and social networks, which he has brought to this project. At Seenox, he is known for his problem-solving skills, and in particular, understanding social audience and social interactions. He is regarded as a social media expert and is regularly consulted by other internet projects.

Massoud Sattari
Co-Founder, Brand Manager & Chief Editor

Massoud gathered experiences in diverse areas throughout his career, which he is able to bring in for Seenox. He holds a bachelor in political science, a minor in computer science and a minor in entrepreneurship. Furthermore, he engaged in music management/production, two internet ventures and worked for major corporations like Ericsson and Mercedes-Benz prior to Seenox. Massoud’s passion is to develop business models and processes, which aim at establishing a brand appeal and optimizing organizational structures. Simultaneously, he is pleased to be able entertain and inform people at Seenox with global stories since he has lived on three different continents.

Jean Peter Andersson
Program Consultant & Editor

Jean Peter is responsible for the organizational administration, where he supervises policies, processes and expectations of which the organization is to be operated by. He monitors the budget activities and provides important business recommendations. However, Peter has studied electrical engineering and functions as a Program Manager for Ericsson since many years. He has an invaluable understanding of management, sports and technology. Additionally, he enjoys reading and writing interesting stories, which he is able to bring in at Seenox.

Karen Meimandi
Lead Photographer

Karen is a well-established professional in the art of photography and possess a lot of expertise and passion. He was able to gather valuable experience through his Melbourne based photo studio. Moreover, Karen has an extensive knowledge about modern internet commerce since he studies communication technology and has worked for Facebook. His Facebook site is popular and is followed by many users due to his inspirational photography. Karen is a dynamic and reliable colleague with great vision, especially in photography.

Bita Khangari
Editor & Web Design

Bita is a qualified IT-specialist and posses a lot of knowledge especially regarding social media, editing and web design. She has a great understanding of how a story should be written and how it should be structured on a website in order to appeal internet users. Furthermore, her organizing abilities in the daily business are irreplaceable for Seenox. Bita has a passion for good stories and surely enjoys writing them. She posses extensive knowledge in various areas, which supports her in finding interesting stories and evaluating them for our audience.

Eva Roemer
Reporter & Editorial Photographer

Eva is dedicated to photography, health, animal protection and nature in general. She enjoys the art of photograph and was able to gather knowledge and experience during her career. Eva loves her SLR camera and has a remarkable eye for esthetics and picture composition. Besides her photography skills, she has worked many years in the health care industry and possess an extensive knowledge about health and nutrition. Moreover, she is a pet owner and dedicates herself to animal protection.